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Deliberate broadcaster blackouts have become so frequent that both Congressional leaders and consumers want them ended once and for all. It can’t happen fast enough. Here are just some of the more recent examples of how too many broadcasters specifically licensed to serve the public have been antagonizing it instead.

  • FCC Rejects Seven Stations’ DirecTV Retrans Complaint 11/11/15  |  Broadcasting & Cable
    The FCC’s Media Bureau has denied an “emergency complaint” from seven commonly-controlled TV broadcasters that said DirecTV violated the agency’s “good-faith order” during retransmission-consent negotiations earlier this year. Read more

  • Stark Ravings: In satellite, cable deals, customers increasingly take the hit 4/17/14  |  Lancaster Online
    Area customers of Dish Network may have tuned in April 8 to see local actor Taylor Kinney in a new episode of “Chicago Fire” on NBC affiliate WGAL-TV 8, only to find a black screen. Read more

  • Consumers paying broadcasters twice 1/31/14  |  The Hill
    We have heard that there is no such thing as a free lunch and, when it comes to “free” over-the-air television broadcasting, that adage certainly rings true for consumers facing higher prices, and for taxpayers paying for wireless spectrum in order to give it away. Read more

  • DIRECTV Executive Blasts Broadcasters at Congressional Hearing 6/12/13  |  Los Angeles Times
    In testimony to a House Energy and Commerce subcommittee on communications and technology, DIRECTV executive vice president Mike Palkovic said new rules are needed for broadcasters such as CBS, NBC, ABC and Fox when it comes to negotiating. Read more

  • Station Retrans Fees Up, But ESPN Still King 6/6/13  |  TV News Check
    Broadcasters’ retrans fees will continue to rise but because ESPN’s audience is so passionate they are able to stay on top and charge an absurd $5.54 per subscriber. Read more

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