Keeping You Connected to Your Sports Networks

Anyone who pays for TV service should have a choice over what teams they want to follow. And anyone with no interest in sports should not be forced to pay a huge premium for something they don’t care to watch. No matter who provides your TV service, the relentlessly rising price of sports has already caused everyone’s bill for basic TV to more than double over the past decade. In many large cities, the cost for fans to keep the same local teams’ games they’ve always had will double still again between this year and next.

Many teams, leagues and conferences will deny their most loyal fans access to games in order to get everyone—whether you’re a fan or not—to pay the soaring price of admission. Every TV viewer should have a choice: Fans should have access to the games they want, and viewers with no interest in sports should not have to pay for what they don’t want.

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DIRECTV Begins Talks With the SEC Network

We strongly believe every SEC fan should have access to the SEC Network on DIRECTV and customers can rest assured that is our goal as we continue our discussions with the owners of the channel. Contract talks happen on a different timetable with each TV provider, so unlike our competitors, we have really just begun our discussions and hope to have an update on status as we move closer to the network’s launch in August.


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