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Contract disputes, retrans fee hikes, rising sports costs and a host of other issues that drive up your cost to watch TV are constantly in the headlines. Here’s a look at some of the most recent and relevant:

  • Dodger Fans Face Second Season With No Games on TV Amid Fee Rift 3/3/15  |  Bloomberg
    “We remain hopeful we can achieve a deal with Time Warner Cable and the Dodger ownership that satisfies both fans and non-fans alike,” El Segundo, California-based DIRECTV said in an e-mailed statement. The company, the second largest provider in the region, has been a critic of rising program costs. …Read more

  • Dodgers blackout deserves cheers 2/17/15  |  Los Angeles Times
    Time Warner Cable, which owns the team’s broadcast rights, still hasn’t been able to make a deal with DIRECTV or other pay-TV operators to show the games…Read more

  • There’s no end in sight for fans 2/12/15  |  Los Angeles Times
    For the second consecutive year, it appears the Dodgers will begin the season in complete TV meltdown, their games hidden from 70% of their fans, their brand slowly wilting with no help in sight… Read more

  • Bidding war between networks, sports leagues will increase price of cable TV 1/23/15  |  The Washington Post
    Cable TV is about to get more expensive for millions of consumers because of a bidding war between networks and the country’s most powerful sports leagues. Time Warner Cable, Cablevision and scores of rural cable providers are tacking on sports surcharges each month… Read more

  • Ballooning sports rights fees are going to up your cable bill 1/22/15  |  New York Post
    Sports programming bills are about to get even bigger — whether you watch the games or not. New analysis from SNL Kagan shows that pay-TV companies are in for a big step up in sports costs over the next few years. Read more

  • End the Dodgers Blackout 6/25/14  |  Los Angeles Times
    Last week, when Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw threw a no-hitter and I tweeted a photo of the celebration, a reader responded. “Stupid that most of Los Angeles was unable to watch” the game, wrote Terry Kinigstein. “Time that the Dodgers are available to all of us?” Read more

  • Trapped into paying extra for cable sports 5/2/14  |  Los Angeles Times
    A troglodyte of a team owner got his comeuppance this week for making incredibly stupid comments about race. But
    let’s be clear. Racism isn’t widespread among sports team owners. Greed is. Read more

  • Dodgers’ fans at the end of their cable 4/24/14  |  Los Angeles Times
    About 70% of the area’s television market won’t see the games on SportsNet LA because pay-TV distributors are balking at the cost of carrying the new channel. Read more

  • Most Dodger fans to be shut out from viewing games on opening day 3/21/14  |  Los Angeles Times
    About 70% of the area’s television market won’t see the games on SportsNet LA because pay-TV distributors are balking at the cost of carrying the new channel. Read more

  • In LA, Watching Home Team’s Ball Games Just Got More Complicated 3/23/14  |  NPR
    On Saturday, the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Los Angeles Dodgers kicked off the baseball season with two games in Sydney, Australia. Fans in most of the country watched the games on the official Major League Baseball Network. But in Los Angeles, home of the Dodgers, fans could only watch on a brand new all-Dodgers channel. Read more

  • Bill for the Dodgers is about ready to come due 3/11/14  |  USA Today
    Fans of the Los Angeles Dodgers applauded as the team was sold for $2 billion, and cheered with each expensive new addition. Now the bill is coming due. And guess who is going to pay the price? Read more

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