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Last updated 6/10/15
We continue to hope TWC and the Dodger front office will compromise with the rest of Southern California’s providers so all Dodger fans can watch their games without burdening everyone else with significantly higher fees.

What Our Customers Are Saying

  • I am a Dodger fan and have been since they moved to LA in 1958 (when I was 7 years old). I would rather be forced to listen to all the games on the radio than to see Time Warner rewarded for paying the ridiculous amount they paid to carry Dodger broadcasts. No one forced them to sign that silly agreement, so no one will shed a tear if they have to declare bankruptcy because of their greed.


  • I am a major baseball fan, however, I will not pay a penny more to receive the Dodger games. You will not lose me as a customer (nor many of my friends) if you do not bow to the pressure you are receiving from TWC and the Dodgers organization. Outrageous treatment to the longtime fans by both organizations!


  • Do not give into the greedy Dodgers and Time Warner. I’m a baseball fan but I’m entirely upset at the Dodgers and now I could care less if they are on TV if it means I have to pay higher rates to watch them.


  • I’m a huge Dodger fan but for now have found other methods to watch my games. I personally was not happy with the news of TWC being in charge of the channel. I’m placing my support behind DIRECTV to do the right thing for us customers.


What Others Are Saying

The loyalties that local professional, collegiate and even high school teams inspire across their community are an important and treasured civic asset. Yet many teams now want to privatize that value and are willing to tap off their most loyal fans’ access to force everybody else to pay soaring fees whether they want to choose to support that team or not. Here’s how some of the most respected SoCal and national press see the situation shaping up:

  • Dodgers need to be seen, not just heard about 3/8/15  |  Los Angeles Times
    As the Dodgers’ TV blackout enters its second full season, one is reminded that even Arizona spring training is awful. The Dodgers are whittled and shaped into a 25-man unit during a month-long process, yet because the TV images are only available on that expensive rumor known as SportsNet LA, most of their loyal fans are a six-hour drive from watching it happen.
    Read more

  • Dodger Fans Face Second Season With No Games on TV Amid Fee Rift 3/3/15  |  Bloomberg
    “We remain hopeful we can achieve a deal with Time Warner Cable and the Dodger ownership that satisfies both fans and non-fans alike,” El Segundo, California-based DIRECTV said in an e-mailed statement. The company, the second largest provider in the region, has been a critic of rising program costs. …Read more

  • Dodgers blackout deserves cheers 2/17/15  |  Los Angeles Times
    Time Warner Cable, which owns the team’s broadcast rights, still hasn’t been able to make a deal with DIRECTV or other pay-TV operators to show the games…Read more

  • There’s no end in sight for fans 2/12/15  |  Los Angeles Times
    For the second consecutive year, it appears the Dodgers will begin the season in complete TV meltdown, their games hidden from 70% of their fans, their brand slowly wilting with no help in sight… Read more

  • Bidding war between networks, sports leagues will increase price of cable TV 1/23/15  |  The Washington Post
    Cable TV is about to get more expensive for millions of consumers because of a bidding war between networks and the country’s most powerful sports leagues. Time Warner Cable, Cablevision and scores of rural cable providers are tacking on sports surcharges each month… Read more

  • Ballooning sports rights fees are going to up your cable bill 1/22/15  |  New York Post
    Sports programming bills are about to get even bigger — whether you watch the games or not. New analysis from SNL Kagan shows that pay-TV companies are in for a big step up in sports costs over the next few years. Read more

  • Time Warner Cable feeling ill effects of Dodgers channel dispute 8/1/14  |  Los Angeles Times
    The SportsNetLA debacle is starting to affect Time Warner Cable’s bottom line. Time Warner Cable lowered its revenue projections for 2014 because of its inability to distribute SportsNet LA. Read more

  • FCC Chairman ‘Troubled’ by Time Warner Cable’s L.A. Antics 7/30/14  |  Wall St. Journal
    “We hope that Chairman Wheeler is making similar inquiries of DIRECTV and other LA television distributors to determine their rationale for refusing to carry SportsNet LA,” she said, “which we have offered at terms similar to other regional sports networks, including those owned by DIRECTV.” Read more

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Divided Loyalties

Not long ago, it didn’t matter whether you cheered for the Lakers or Clippers, Dodgers or Angels, or Bruins or Trojans since all of Southern California’s most popular pro and college teams were readily available to everyone on free broadcast channels, ESPN and only two regional sports networks. Now there are at least five new RSNs and several more national sports services competing for eyeballs and extra dollars, creating battles between local teams over who can collect the most from its local fans for home admission into their own living rooms.

  • LAKERSTime Warner Cable gets into the LA sports game for the first time, spending a record $5 billion to create two new RSNs (English and Spanish) anchored by the Lakers to start the 2012-13 season. Despite the boost from $30 million to $150 million per season to show their games, the Lakers fade to their worst three seasons since moving from Minneapolis in 1958.

  • CLIPPERSFormer Microsoft boss Steve Ballmer pays an NBA record $2 billion to take Donald Sterling out of the Clippers’ courtside owner seats, anticipating a lucrative bidding war for networks wanting to televise Clipper games after the 2014-15 season. The team gets $25 million to $30 million per year from Fox Sports today, but analysts now predict that to soar by as much as ten times that amount starting next season.

  • DODGERSRather than add Dodger games to its two Lakers channels, Time Warner Cable pays a record $8.35 billion to create a separate all-Dodgers, all-the-time channel that doesn¹t have any game competition for more than half the year. Time Warner Cable struggles to convince any of the other local cable or satellite providers to bail them out, as more than 70 percent of SoCal is beginning its second season with no access to the team.

  • ANGELSFox Sports won’t surrender all of its top teams to Time Warner Cable or anyone else, tripling the price it pays to televise LA Angels of Anaheim games each season from $50 million to $150 million while also making the Angels a partner in Fox Sports West.

  • KINGSFox Sports re-ups with the NHL’s Kings for $250 million, nearly doubling its annual check to televise hockey in SoCal from $12 million to $21 million every season through 2024. The new fees for the Angels and Kings mean higher prices for the average family to still have Fox Sports West and Fox Sports Prime Ticket in their living rooms even though they have far fewer teams and games.

  • BRUINS and TROJANSThe Bruins and Trojans help the Pac-12 Conference to sell its best football and basketball games for nearly four times as much from $60 million per season to $225 million to FOX and ESPN, but then pools their less popular games into the expensive new seven-channel Pac-12 Networks multiplex.

  • GALAXYTime Warner Cable nearly doubles the $300,000 per season Fox Sports paid to televise Galaxy MLS games to a new $550,000 per season as international soccer icon David Beckham retires from the beautiful game, leaving local families to help make up the difference on Time Warner Cable SportsNet and Time Warner Cable SportsNet Deportes fees.

  • CALIFORNIA INTERSCHOLASTIC FEDERATIONBig money’s not just for professional – or even college – sports anymore, as Time Warner Cable pays $8.5 million to the California Interscholastic Federation to televise high school sports across the state. That’s 85 times more than the $100,000 Fox Sports had ever paid and raises concerns from community activists that public high school competition and athletes will be tainted by the influx of media cash and attention.

How to Listen

Fans can already listen to several Dodger spring training games leading up to the start of the new season when the Dodgers host the Padres on Monday, April 6. Cactus League games typically begin at 1 p.m. PT unless otherwise noted, featuring the incomparable Vin Scully on play-by-play and Jaime Jarrin for the select Spanish broadcasts each weekend. The Dodgers Radio Network and flagship stations KLAC 570 AM (English) and KTNQ 1020 AM (Spanish) will provide all the action when the Dodgers and Angels battle in the annual Freeway Series (April 2-4) to end the preseason and then offer all Dodger loyalists free access for the entire 2015 season.

To listen to any Dodgers in English, click here, and to listen in Spanish, click here


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